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Top reasons for professionals to improve communication skills
Ayesha Christina,25 July, 2017 (10:50 AM)
Let’s face it; communication is the most common activity at the work place. Good communication skills are a must these days as professionals have to deal with either their customers or their co-workers. The quality of these dealings are enhanced or diminished by the professional’s ability to com...
Learn English & open yourself to opportunities
Ajay Sharma,25 July, 2017 (10:26 AM)
Agree with it or not, but we live in an English-dominated world. It is the language of the air (all the pilots are required to communicate in English) and the language of the land as well, since more than half a billion people in the world use English as their primary or secondary language. English...
What is personality?
Mohit Satyanand,24 July, 2017 (6:15 PM)
You are a special person. We are all special. We are all different. When we meet new people, we learn new things; about their life, their family. What they like and what they don’t. About the problems they have. We all have problems, right? If we were all the same, maybe we would not need this...
How to learn new words quickly?
Surabhi Sharma,24 July, 2017 (5:52 PM)
It is fun to learn new words, but oh so hard to remember them! Even worse, the right ones never seem to come out when they should. And., adding insult to injury, the person I am talking to, uses my idea and the blessed word. Argghhh… How miserable can life get? To speak English fluently you need ...
Delay in promotion due to poor English speaking skills?
Sherin D'Souza,24 July, 2017 (5:43 PM)
Good English speaking skills earns more.
Sherin D'Souza,24 July, 2017 (5:23 PM)
The truth about speaking in English “It may seem a bit unfair but it’s the truth - it has been proven that people who can talk well in English have a chance of earning 34% more than people with average communication skills who earn up to 13% higher than those who don’t speak in English at all....
5 things I learned about improving English speaking skills at inlingua
Sherin D'Souza,24 July, 2017 (3:51 PM)
1. Use English in your daily life as much as possible. Few people realise that speaking in English is not based on hours and hours of study but on frequent usage. Take for example, the case of doing well in exams. What’s better a regular hour of study everyday or learning up everything just befor...
Speak English & Hindi fluently to have smarter brains
Vinod Agarwal,24 July, 2017 (3:14 PM)
Learn the impact of speaking English fluently on your intelligence. If you are learning how to speak English fluently to improve your chances for the much sought after job or promotion, you will be happy to know that if since you also speak your mother tongue fluently, it leads to a marked improvem...
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