With the world in lockdown, life has changed totally for everyone. However, students  have suffered greatly with no clarity on  terms or exams. Many students are using this time to develop their English skills and making use of  online English classes.

During the early lock down phase students were wary of online classes but those who did enrol saw many advantages and perhaps by word of mouth the numbers grew.

The tremendous advantages of online English classes can be listed as under..

  1. Cost - online English classes are cheaper than the face to face ones which is a huge advantage for learners. Not only in terms of the fees, learners also save as they do not have to commute and can take the classes from home or from any other suitable location thereby saving on the cost of commuting.
  2. Convenience- Online English classes can be taken from the learners home or any other location which the learner chooses. So it could be an early morning, a late evening or even a lunch hour class! No adjustments are required to be made in the learner’s schedule. The learner does not have to rush from one location to the other. This ensures that learners do not miss classes, which is an important reason of  not progressing to the next level of language learning. The location factor is opening up English language learning via online English classes for learners in remote locations who, normally would not have access to good learning facilities. So learners could be in any part of the world and be a part of an online English classes. Good internet connectivity is all that is needed
  3. As good as face to face classes- online English classes, run by established institutes like inlingua, New Delhi ensure that all four skills , Reading, writing, listening and speaking are taught.It does not compromise on the syllabus. Inlingua, New Delhi, in fact, has made no change in the syllabus or in the number of hours offered to the students who opt for it’s online English classes  for each level. It has taken care to see that it’s syllabus , which is standardized across the world  is followed and has even allocated the same number of hours as it does in face to face classes. This has made  online English classes a very good experience for learners.
  4. Learning with a peer group- a key factor in effective language learning is learning with a peer group, which means learning with a group who’s language level is the same. Reputed institutes like inlingua, New Delhi do not just club learners into random batches. A proper procedure is followed and the language level of the student is assessed. He/she then is, placed in  appropriate batch , suited to his level.  When learners learn with a peer group language learning is faster. This procedure is always followed, without exception and this has become the main reason why inlingua, New Delhi’s online English classes are successful.

It is worthwhile to consider all the advantages of online English classes when it comes to making a choice. However , it is important to remember that online English classes run by reputed institutes like inlingua, New Delhi are worth the time and money spent. The various “free” online classes might add to support the knowledge that  structured study with an instructor will give but on their own free language classes cannot ensure progress in language learning.

John, 13 September, 2020 (5:19 PM)

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