If you love the Spanish language and have been planning to master it for a long time now, then it’s time to tick that little box in your bucket list which says “Learn Spanish”!

You need to use all your senses to pick up the language of romance. So start studying Spanish like never before and put in all the efforts, as there is no magic spell that will get the Spanish language into your head. All you need to do is write in Spanish, read in Spanish, listen to Spanish, sing and think in Spanish!

Don’t get overwhelmed just yet! There might not be any magic spell but there are hundreds of methods to master Spanish like a pro. We’ve come up with top 6 ways to learn the Spanish language effortlessly. Take a deep breath and find what suits you the best out of the following methods.

1.    Build Vocabulary in Spanish

We all know that words are the building blocks of a language, which means you’ve already started working towards it. Fun fact about the Spanish language is that the 1,000 most frequent words in Spanish account for 87.8% of all spoken Spanish. This isn’t a good news; now all you need to do is to learn around 1,000 words to understand about 80% of the language.

2.    Read Books in Spanish

This is a little advance level and will be pretty hard in the beginning, but if you enjoy reading then you’ll eventually fall for reading Spanish books. Do not, and I repeat, do not try to go after every word that you don’t understand, as it will take forever to complete the book, instead look up to the common words that keep coming up. Also, if you find this method too intimidating, then rather than choosing a Spanish book you can read your favourite book in Spanish translation, this way you’ll feel more connected as you’ll be aware of the storyline. Hence, it’ll be easy for you to understand quickly.

3.    Listen to Spanish Podcasts

Utilise your free time and the best way to utilise is by listening to Spanish podcasts. While walking your dog, doing laundry, or any other work that doesn’t require your full attention is the best time for listening to a podcast. Also, don’t forget to follow along with the transcript, when listening to the podcast so that you can be reading and hearing at the same time. There are great podcasts available online like - Coffee Break Spanish, Notes in Spanish and so on.

4.    Take help from Spanish music

Nowadays, regardless of the fact that people want to learn Spanish or not, they are going crazy about Spanish music. Therefore, the best way to stay in touch with the language is that you start singing the lyrics along with dancing to a Spanish song.

5.    Find a Spanish Tutor Online

Too busy to join any institute? Worry not, we have a digital solution for you! There are various websites available online where you can find a guide to learn Spanish Language. So head to the right platform and find yourself a tutor. Make sure you take at least 3 to 4 lessons in a week, for 30 minutes. Regular sessions are important to stay in touch with the language as only then you can master it. inlingua offers online virtual classes which is convenient for students. Focus more on speaking, than studying. This way you’ll be able to use what you’re learning every day, after all, that’s that goal, right?

6.    Take a Spanish Course

There is no better way to understand the basics of the Spanish language in your system than joining a beginner’s course, as it is the most effective way, to start with. The course should include both dialogues and texts as this will lay out a better understanding of the language. inlingua is one such language institute where you can really explore the language on your own under the guidance of trained instructors. This step will take you from the beginner’s level to the intermediate level, or even to the expert level if you work on the skill diligently.

In the end, no matter what method you apply, you need to take out time and make a proper schedule and obviously stick to it. Also, just remember the more consistent you are, the chances of learning the language speedily increases.

Saket Pathak, 3 July, 2019 (6:43 AM)

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