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When you hear French, the things you tend to associate it with are, fashion, romanticism, and of course good food.  However, learning it is as beneficial as fashionable it may sound.  The wish to learn a foreign language differ from person to person, some want to just learn it as a form of passion or some for a career in the same.  In India learning French can never go for a waste of time.  Most of the MNC in India are from Europe and majority of them having their origin from France.  Also, other than English, French the only language spoken across all the five continents and is also the second most taught language after English.  French is one of the six official languages of UNESCO alongside Russian, English, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish.  Learning French will not only make you “sophisticated” but will also open many paths in various sectors such as the tourism and hospitality industry, banking and finance, fashion, retailing, automotive, luxury goods, aeronautics, international business, diplomatic service, education, and many more. Besides, there are great jobs in translating, interpreting, proofreading, and teaching.

Here, at Inlingua, we understand your need to learn an additional foreign language to enhance your personality and future prospects.  We here will help to overcome your shyness and be proudly part of the big number of over 270 million populations of French speakers across the globe.

1. To be able to communicate with someone, one has to know the language; hence our main focus remains on oral understanding.   However, this doesn’t mean reading, listening and writing skills are not developed.  It has taken 50 years of research in developing the Inlingua way of learning.

2. Different levels are provided which are follows:

Level A1 – Beginner. Basic command of language in some everyday situations.
Level A2 – Elementary. Limited command of language in some everyday situations.
Level B1 – Intermediate. Maintain interaction, discussion and giving opinions.

3. At the end of each level, an evaluation is taken for every student.  The testing is done in accordance with guidelines set by Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE).
This test also helps you for any further French proficiency examination, that is, DELF/DALF or TEF/TEFAQ/TCF/TCFQ.

4. Inlingua Certificates are awarded to all students who successfully complete the program.  Inlingua certificates are recognized world over by corporate & universities and are used for travel/job/visa/admission purposes.

5. FAQ

Q:    What programs does inlingua Delhi Offer?

inlingua Delhi offers training in German, French, Spanish, English and Hindi. We also offer private classes and customised programs for corporate and academic institutions.

Q:    Are Inlingua trainers Certified?

Yes, inlingua has a team of highly experienced, professional trainers. All our trainers are certified in the inlingua method of teaching languages. Many of them have travelled widely or lived in different countries and are exposed to the language and culture of the place. They all have native or near native language fluency in their respective languages combined with a high-level certification in the language they are teaching.

Q:    Does Inlingua provide Demo Classes? 

Yes, inlingua provides demo classes. Please call @ 9958561282 to register for the same.

Q:    How many levels do you offer and what is the duration of each level?

Each level for any batch is of 60 hours each.  The hours might differ for a private or customised course.
As far as the levels, we provide Beginner and Intermediate levels.

1A RS. 16900
1B RS.16900
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