Today, the world is becoming a globalized village and there is a dire need to learn foreign languages. But, choosing the right language to learn can be an unnerving task. The choices depend on different situations, and circumstances. People take up foreign languages for different reasons, some to travel, to know a different culture, for overseas studies and the majority of people take it up to build their career. Learning foreign languages help as a career asset and people to go further in their respective careers. The rising globalization has made it almost compulsory to add one foreign language to your resume.

The demand for learning foreign languages such as Spanish, French, German, and Chinese among others is rising at an incessant pace.  Amid these, we have witnessed a sharp demand to learn German in India, as it provides better career prospect and job opportunities. The scope of the German language in India is full of rewarding salary and enormous job opportunities. German companies are global market leaders and the Indian market is flooded with companies like Volkswagen, PUMA, BMW, Bayer, DHL Express, Audi, Robert Bosch, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Porsche, Adidas, and the list goes on. Almost all the top-class automobile manufacturers are from Germany and they have set-up their manufacturing facilities in India and creating huge employment opportunities for Indians. Getting into these companies is not that easy but with the German Language on your resume, you can easily get an edge over others.

Here is the list of career opportunities that the German language provides you:

  • Get easily into Germany powerhouses like the companies above mentioned. They are all recognized around the world. The mention of German language skills on your CV may take you to these international corporations.
  • Germans are the world leaders in engineering. Confidence and proper knowledge of German language will open horizons in the field of healthcare and medicine, education, logistics, automobile, power and utility, mass media, entertainment, tourism, information technology, export and import services, outsourcing, etc. 
  • There’s a huge requirement for German language experts as professional German translators, interpreters, proof-readers, content writers, and trainers.
  • Job opportunities in the German embassy in New Delhi and consulate in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore.
  • Big corporate giants like Amazon, Accenture, BMW, Volkswagen, HP, Audi, Oracle, Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Thomson, GE, etc are employing German language professionals and specialists for outsourcing and offshore work.
  • If your business is trading with German companies or partners, or trying to expand its footprints in Europe, the language will help you establish an effective communication with them and success at the end. This would positively advance your business relations with them.
  • Also, Berlin the capital of Germany is transforming into a hub for innovative start-ups. Some are even calling it “the Silicon Valley of Europe.” So the knowledge of the German language might get you a high paying job at the new Silicon Valley.

Now it’s clear that the German language has a vast career option and if you have the knowledge and fluency it will take you to new heights. Today there are so many institutes who are providing foreign language classes. Institutes like inlingua with their reputed corporate trainers provide exceptional foreign language classes to its students. So don’t think much enroll today for a brighter future.

Saket Pathak, 27 June, 2019 (9:14 AM)

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