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Is English speaking skills not a measure of intelligence these days?

By: Sherin D'Souza Posted On: 1/6/16

English is just a language and not a measure of intelligence! I get this statement from a lot of my friends. But isn’t a person popular because he/she can speak English fluently? “Imagine this – a group of people at a party or in the college canteen or during a break at a water cooler […]

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By: Vinod Agarwal Posted On: 22/2/16

Dear friends, I want to share my experiences with you at inlingua, where I had gone so that I could improve my English Speaking quickly. I work for a large insurance company as a salesman. Customers come in every day, wanting to buy a new policy.  They compare, they haggle, they complain…’Yeh dekho, iss falan […]


By: Nancy Verma Posted On: 22/2/16

‘One size fits all’. Nowhere is this saying challenged more than at inligua. How can one English speaking course fulfill all the needs of all the students? Some students speak some English, some are confident but make grammatical errors, some don’t speak any at all. Some are students, some are professionals, and some are fairly […]


By: Nancy Verma Posted On: 22/2/16

The world is looking at India Look around. Look at some of the world’s largest multi-national companies. Look at Google. Look at Pepsi. Look at Mastercard. Besides being amongst the world’s most valuable and immensely successful businesses, besides being the companies that touch our lives in a very meaningful and intimate way, they all have […]

How Good is your English

By: Nancy Verma Posted On: 16/11/15

How good is your English? Click to find out Take an assessment test for free  How good is your English? People who speak fluently impress. They are good to listen to and express ideas and information clearly. We too want to speak like them. We have some knowledge of English but want to improve our […]


By: Vinod Agarwal Posted On: 8/9/15

They know their trade, but possess poor spoken English skills No English, No Fun. Know English, Become No. 1.   Young engineers, otherwise bright and intelligent, are severely handicapped by their poor spoken English skills often adversely affecting their employability. Lack of fluency in English or,for that matter, the lingua franca of the country where […]

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Engineers know their science, but don’t know how to say it!

By: Vinod Agarwal Posted On: 8/9/15

NATIONAL SPOKEN ENGLISH SKILLS REPORT, ENGINEERS (2015-2016) About 67% engineers in India do not have spoken English skills required for any job in knowledge economy. Though they do relatively better in vocabulary and understanding English, engineers are deficient in elements of spoken English such as fluency, pronunciation and grammar. English fluency is one of the […]

India’s Engineering Graduates Fail to Crack English Language Code

By: Vinod Agarwal Posted On: 7/9/15

About 67% of engineers graduating from India’s colleges do not possess good spoken English skills Poor spoken English may be keeping a large number of India’s engineers from landing some of the best paid jobs in the country.A study has found that an overwhelming 97% of engineers in the country cannot speak English required for […]

Want white-collar job? Try English, and not quota

By: Vinod Agarwal Posted On: 7/9/15

Dear Hardikbhai, Respect. You have achieved what we Patels have been trying to achieve for 30 years: bring national attention to our demands. It was 1985 when we first agitated against reservations. I was 15 and press-ganged into agitating on the streets of Surat by older friends. They assured me our collective future was at […]

How Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam inspires us to speak English fluently

By: Vinod Agarwal Posted On: 29/7/15

EQUALITY IS IN THE OPPORTUNITY Dr. Abdul Kalam: Scientist, Writer and Visionary “All of us do not have equal talent. But all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents” –said Bharat Ratna, Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India who passed away on July 27, 2015. Like Dr. Abdul […]

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