There is a course to suit everyone. If you are a beginner, you can start at the lower level along with learners whose standard of English matches yours. inlingua classrooms are comfortable and each class has a maximum of 12 students.

At inlingua, the major emphasis is on improving your spoken English. Instructors do not give you lectures, rather, they encourage you to learn English by speaking. Classes are fun because you get to learn in a group with techniques such as role play, weaves, pair work, group work and chaining.

You are provided student material for reading, writing and activities. This helps you to review and refresh your classroom learning.

The courses are designed to encourage you to make your own sentences and correct you with care. You will learn and practice structure, vocabulary and expressions for use in everyday life.

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1A You can greet others and introduce yourself.You can ask simple questions and give basic information.
  • Hello, I am Mohit.
  • What time is it now ? The time is 3:30 pm.
1B You can make simple sentences about yourself, your family and situations you face everyday while shopping, eating out and working.
  • I am a student at inlingua.
  • Both my sisters are married.
  • This bag is too expensive.
  • There was a traffic jam outside the inlingua center in Gurgaon today morning.
1B+ You can start a simple conversation with friends, at the office, at restaurants and while traveling.
  • Are you going to Sonal's party ? Yes I am, we can go together.
  • Did you like Anil's presentation ? I think Kabir's was better.
  • Excuse me, may I have the bill please?
  • Where can I take the connecting train from? You can change trains at Rajiv Chowk station.
2A You can comfortably converse with people who speak the language well and conduct a simple coversation on the telephone.
  • Operator : Good Morning, this is inlingua South extension. May I help you? Ria : Hello, I would like to know more about your courses. Operator : Thank you for calling. Please stay on the line while I put you through to the front desk.
2A+ You can start short conversations on familiar subjects. You can talk about your experiences, discuss progress and describe future plans.
  • My doctor has given me a new diet plan of just apples.
  • I have lost two kilos in two weeks.
  • I haven't had a proper meal for days.
  • I think I'm going to have a nice juicy hamburger!
2B You can discuss aspects of your life such as your dreams, ambitions and plans and express opinions.
  • I will study abroad provided I get a good IELTS score.
  • I have already enrolled myself at inlingua Vikaspuri.
  • Do you think he will make it to the Indian cricket team? Yes, he is extremely talented.
2B+ You can have extended conversations as well as discuss topics of your interest such as politics, culture, technology, lifestyle, art and leisure.
  • I enjoy motor racing, but only from the comfort of an armchair. Actually, taking part in a race would be much too frightening and dangerous.
  • I welcome the change that is sweeping the politics of this country. One can be honest and still hope to get elected.
3A You can interact spontaneously and fluently with people who speak English well. You can give detailed descriptions of objects, places and people.
    • Did you find there was less job security in the US ? Yes, that was a bit worrisome at times. Though I had a good job, the apartment I was renting was very expensive. I knew that if I were to lose my job one day, I was going to have to find work pretty fast in order to pay the rent.
3B You can make a presentation or talk about a familiar subject. You can actively participate in conversations, group discussions, meetings and express your point of view emphatically.
  • Air Hostess : I'm afraid we can't take off till we get clearance. this is not our fault, Sir. Customer : I am not interested in whose fault it is. I paid for a ticket on this flight in order to attend a meeting which I am now going to miss. Air Hostess : With respect, Sir, we'll only be leaving half an hour late. I am sure we'll be able to make up most of the time on our way.
4 If you are already quite comfortable with spoken and written English and still want to make a powerful impression amongst the best speakers of the language, this level is for you. You can expect to learn the fine and subtle shades of meaning that the language has to offer. The course allows and prepares you to hold your own amongst the best.
  • Unlike languages that are spoken in a single country or within a limited area, English has evolved and is still evolving in a large number of national contexts. The fact that it has a role as an international language is also critical to the way it develops.
Drop in at one of our centers and talk to an inlingua counselor who will help you choose the right course. Watch the NDTV Featured video below to understand how inlingua helps you to speak English Fluently To learn while having fun, you can join us on Google+ to get free Tips & facts on English Language
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