Know where you stand in English speaking fluency When it comes to speaking English or any language, it is only an expert who can help us with the areas of improvement while speaking in English. Our friends and family members may speak in English to us but may not know how to equip and train us with concepts in English speaking skills that we can use on our own in all real life situations to speak English fluently. At inlingua, we are aware that every individual’s need to speak fluently in English is specific. An assessment helps us to identify this specific need. Just like when we are sick, we visit the doctor to give us the medicine for the illness that has been diagnosed, similarly our range of products are designed beautifully to give solutions in improving English speaking skills for a specific need. The assessment helps us to identify for your benefit where you stand or in other words, where you are in English speaking skills and how our expertise in improving English speaking skills can get you where you would like to be. Select the course that improves your English speaking the best In today’s fast paced world we usually are all short of valuable resources – time and money, being the most important. Needless to say, many students come to inlingua with big expectations – seeking worth for the time and money spent. One’s justification for spending substantial bits of both would be ability to speak English fluently. The problems in how to talk in English are many – some confidence related, some work related, some for personal goals, and some just for the thrill of speaking English as if it’s in fashion. Whatever your problem, inlingua has the solution for it. For example, if you are in the middle or top management and have to talk in English and make presentations frequently and have found yourself short of words while addressing an audience, the inlingua instructors and other available resources will enable you to get confident in English speaking conversation and develop your presentation skills by providing you with the much needed boost in widely used spoken English phrases and vocabulary. Get the ‘inlingua feel’ – understand the inlingua methodology of speaking in English The assessment enables students to get a sneak peek into what an inlingua classroom is like. The assessment is the beginning of leaving all fears behind in speaking English and in developing a more confident person who can speak fluently in English. It is highly interactive, friendly and encouraging. Since it is a one on one interaction, it enables people to express their real skill in English speaking conversation. Through a series of questions and answers the individuals can be assessed on English speaking fluency, usage of the language, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills. More often than not, we only need to understand where our problems in speaking in English are, a stronger realisation of the same can happen successfully with the assessment. Value for money Unlike other courses which last for months, the inlingua method of improving spoken English is a capsule course concentrating on only the most relevant and critical needs in developing English speaking conversation. The assessment gives a fair idea of already existing knowledge in English speaking on various parameters. Why would you spend your time on learning something that you already know? It is only wise to start from the level that improvement is needed from, so that you can experience the real difference in speaking English fluently.

Sherin D'Souza, 25 July, 2017 (5:54 AM)

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