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How to speak English fluently and confidently? [FREE DOWNLOAD & INFOGRAPHIC]

By: Vikram Bajaj On: 12/7/16

As the use of English grows day by day in the workplace and in social circles, a very common concern for many young people today is their inability to speak English fluently. They try many things to improve their spoken English – reading English newspapers and books, watching English films, practicing alone in front of a mirror – but nothing seems to really help. Many give up hope. They believe that the fault somehow lies with them and that they will never be able to speak English fluently.

Yet, the answer to the question of how to speak English fluently is very simple. Speaking in English is a skill, just like many other skills, such as playing cricket, driving a car, singing, dancing or cooking, and it can be learnt just as easily.

Let’s ask ourselves how we learn any other skill, say, driving a car? Is it enough to read a manual or book of instructions? Of course, not! Is it even enough to watch a video on how to drive? No, definitely not. And, can you just get behind the steering wheel of the car on your own and start driving? Probably a bad idea! So, what exactly do you do to learn how to drive a car? You take driving lessons where you practice driving a car alongside an experienced instructor for a few weeks. Normally, that is enough to learn well enough to get a license and start driving. Of course, the more you practice, the better you get. Pretty much the same logic applies to all the other skills.

Now, let us see if you can apply this logic to the process of learning to speak English fluently. Reading books or watching films do not give you any practice of speaking the language; no wonder they do not work, even if you try them for months and years! Practicing alone is also no good, because you won’t know where you are making mistakes and how you should correct yourself.

However, practicing your English under the guidance of a trained instructor can work magic in just a few weeks. A trained instructor will listen to your mistakes, help you identify them and give you the opportunity to correct them yourself.

You can even learn in groups, provided all the students are at the same level of skill in English. A trained instructor will use many activities, such as role plays, weaves, pair-work and games, to make you speak in English all the time. Remember, the more you speak, the more you will learn. Before you know it, you will start speaking fluently, as you won’t make mistakes or hesitate anymore.

Once you have learnt how to speak English fluently, you must keep up the practice of speaking in English by trying to chat with friends and family in English as much as possible. You can always come back to your institute to meet with others in your group and to do activities and participate in games that give even more practice.


Beginners Guide on how to speak good English Fluently and Confidently

Improving English Speaking Skills require you to have the following:

  1. Mastering English Vocabulary to speak good English
  2. Learning New Words Quickly to speak good English
  3. Taking yourself from Written to Spoken English
  4. Being Motivated to Speak English

Click here to download the beginner’s guide to start your journey to speak good English fluently and confidently

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There are many questions in your mind like: 



Infographic_How to speak English Fluently and Confidently and How to speak good English

How to learn effective English communication and acquire good English speaking skills


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170 thoughts on “How to speak English fluently and confidently? [FREE DOWNLOAD & INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. sandeep kumar says:

    i am trying to speak english but whenevr i goes to attand any interview i got narvous .

  2. Vikram Bajaj says:

    Hi Sandeep, your problem is a very common problem. The best way to avoid being nervous in an interview is to have a good command over English. Have you tried learning English at a good institute?

  3. Divya says:

    hello vikram sir i m working right now on hdfc or before 2year work on icici. but steel i m not comnicated on english with any parson.english to english nahi bola paati wahi sikhna hai ache se fully english with face 2 face comunicaton with u pls help me regards divya


  4. Vikram Bajaj says:

    Dear Divya, thanks for sharing your problem. You've already taken the first and most important step towards self-improvement by openly acknowledging your problem! The next step is to take the initiative to solve it. Just drop in at any center of inlingua that is close to you. Our counselors will assess your needs and guide you to the English course that is most suitable for you.

    Divya, at inlingua, we help thousands of eager learners like you to overcome their hesitation in English by making available the most effective method to learn a language – the inlingua method. You can also benefit from our online offerings, such as iOL (inlingua online), which has loads of practice exercises at every level, and our blogs and social media sites that offer the opinions of our experts every week. Do keep visiting our website and checking for new blogs and content.

    All the best!

  5. randhir kumar says:

    I spik some english but whan i gone at interview i can't explanc what i want to say my infornt of persons

  6. I want to speak english fluently.but how to speak.

  7. deepak kumar says:

    I want to learn and speaking english

  8. vaibhav says:

    The above concept is very nice (How to learn driving vs English).

  9. gunjan says:

    i want speak in english but my great problem is hesitation.

  10. amit suhag says:

    Do inlingua provide practice exercises online.

  11. Munmi Sharma says:

    Hi, i want to brush up my speaking skills. want to be a fluent speaker..kindly help…my issue is whenever i try to speak somehow m lack of adequate word to express my feeling

  12. anil says:

    pls sir muje english sikha do

  13. maneesh bhartari says:

    I spoke good but I want to make my base first…bcz my grammer is not so good….and I hve a qstion regarding dis which is without tense can any one speak good… with out tense means if u know only about……is,am,are,does,do,has,have,hasbeen,havebeen,did,was,were,had,hadbeen,will,shall,willhave,shallhave,will havebeen,shallhavebeen and etc….plzzz sugges or either I have to learn more others tenses……

  14. maneesh bhartari says:

    What should I do exactly…plzz sugges…either I have to take just classes from any institute…

  15. fazal says:

    English sikhna chahta hu magar kuch smajh nhi ata.

  16. Jeetu says:

    Please send me some more details about-admission,fees batch timing on my g mail id

  17. Mohd Musharif Khan says:

    Hello Sir,

    I want to speak English fluently.

  18. Pooja Soni says:

    I am interested for IELTS cores pls how mutch yor cores charge please give me a response.

    Thanks & Regards
    Pooja Soni

  19. Vikalp Tyagi says:

    Hi, I am planning to go abroad for higher studies. But for this, I have to prepared for TOFEL, which is not so easy and I have lack of time. I have to go for online test next month to take the admission in fall session. Is it possible to get it done in a month.

  20. pinky says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am working in BPO. I have a problem when I receive a client call, when I talk to the client and if I have to say something into the meeting.
    Also I have lack of vocabulary.
    So please suggest what should I do?
    Please let me know about the course and fee which I can join in weekend's.


  21. Anil kumar says:

    It is good center for English

  22. Bhave kapoor says:

    hy vikram sir actually the problem is that my interview is in april-may and this interview is very precious for me but i don't know the Well known instructor who teach me english properly

  23. dinesh says:

    hi i have start while english is good but in the middle i got stuck help me to solve this problem

  24. Geetanjali says:

    Hi, Please tell me more about your English & French course along with your fee structure.

  25. Amit kumar says:

    i want to know the fees, and duration of course

  26. this is american english ?

  27. pratik nagarbandhara says:

    Dear Sir,

    presently i am lecturer at college. i have to give a lecture in gujarati & English medium but unable to speak English confidently. so now suggest me the best way to speak English. please reply as early as possible on my email id. (Note: I have a problem of Stammering)


  28. Ashish Mishra says:

    Sir mujhe English seekhna h
    Best solution byao

  29. hamid says:

    Actually I appreciated what had been written,

  30. sonu kumar says:

    I m understand but i can not speak this is my series problem

  31. dharam says:

    Sir mujhe speaking sikhani hai. Mujhe English bolne mai bahut hajitation hoti hai.

  32. meena says:

    I want to more fluently english end profetionaly prepeird in elnglish language

  33. fareen says:

    i want to learn good english

  34. Amit says:

    Hi, I am read here many more comments and opinion.. I think about .. this is my same problem .. how to improve english..actually I am running on job … kindly guide me best course ..thus my English is quickly improve..

  35. Nezaul haque says:

    I want to join this

  36. sunil kumar says:

    Plz sir muje english sikha do

  37. shiwali says:

    hello sir, i m staying in my hometown in punjab. i want to improve my english by staying in home only. so could you plz help me?

  38. vishal sharma says:

    I am residing at GHAZIABAD and most of the time I am on tour. Kindly guide me how can I join the Institute and which branch I should join.

  39. monika rani says:

    nice institute in delhi

  40. adnan anwer says:

    my name is adnan..I am not speak english properly…can u help me

  41. samreen bano says:

    i want speak english but i cant speak english and face to face communication with english.

  42. monika says:

    I want to command on spoken eng fluency

  43. Anand says:

    I am interested in undergoing impact course (Spoken English) at Delhi center. I can't attend classes on daily basis. Please tell me if weekend option is available for this course and when will new batch start ?

  44. Rakesh ku says:

    Hi ..I want speak English language fluently….

  45. sunil raghav says:

    I want to know, what will you make done with your courses like PD & business writing skills all.
    what's your time period for this course?
    what's your fess structure & batch timing because I am working in real estate so I want to join night batch.

  46. shubam rajput says:

    Interested to join corporate level english speaking. Shorter period with longer per day classes preffered as i have to come from chandigarh and wants to stay in delhi for shirtest possible time.

  47. Kiran Kumar Behera says:

    Please mail me some effective practice sessions to improve my spoken english.

  48. nimish advani says:

    For summer vacation only , Need elocution classes for son in 8th standard.
    Please contact at ph 9810034705

  49. pooja says:

    Hi I m Pooja and I m working in a export house where I have to deal with buyers and sometimes I can't explain my problem to buyer…I want learn English speaking so that my confidence boost up. Pls tell us ur timing ur addmition fees can I continue my job with ur English speaking classes

  50. Ashwani Vishwakarma says:

    i am learm to english and speak to english

  51. anita says:

    i want to learn written and spoken english so want to know about batch timeing and fee. because i m working and i wnat to join in your class. pls if asap reply me.

  52. Anjali says:

    I want to seepek in English

  53. Deepak Singh Manral says:

    Hi, my problem is that i can write in english, However while speaking i always get nervous and face lots of problem in selection of words.

    Can someone please let me know a way through which i can overcome on my nervousness,..

  54. Surjeet Singh says:

    I want learn English please give me suggestion.

  55. vijay kumar says:

    your problem is a very common problem. The best way to avoid being nervous in an interview is to have a good command over English. Have you tried learning English at a good institute?

  56. Masayuki Kawata says:

    Hi I am masa. I would like to know about spoken english language course of your institutioni.,ie course fees and duration. Please contact me through my email I'd.Thank you…

  57. Gourav says:

    Sir I can speak englisg but I have a lot of hesitation in speaking with can u plz help me out wid I can able to correct this?my biggest problem is lack or vocabulary and hesitation in speaking..well when I am alone I can speak english but when have I to communicate with others I got nervous

  58. chitraveer singh says:

    please tell me detail.

  59. ravi kumar saroj says:


  60. Priya Nigam says:

    Gud Evening Vikram Sir,

    Yesterday i registered my seat in inlingua your cp center. But i afraid that like any other english institute my money will waste here. i have lots of problems when i try to communicate with people in english. i forgot the right use of helping verbs, vocabulary problems and when i knew that the person from which i trying to communicate he/she having good command in english i forgot all the things and waha se chup chap side leleti hoon. I want to learn how to speak english fluently coz i want to work with good companies, and earns more money for my parents. Recently i left my job now i am seeking new job but the problem is that everyone wants good communication skill. from more than one month i am not getting a job even i have work experience. I have experience in telecalling, tracer but didn't get any job that's why my confidence level is decreasing day by day. one of my friend told me about inlingua. I just want that inlingua's staff helps me to improve my english. kya aisa possible hoga???

  61. Dear Priya,

    Thank you for sharing your concern. We have forwarded the same to the concerned person. The concerns raised by you are being addressed by our Trainers specifically for every student @inlingua. We understand what it takes to speak English fluently. Rest assured, your investment in the course shall give you exponential returns.

    High Regards,

  62. advay says:

    I wanna learn eng

  63. Bikram Singh says:

    hello sir,
    my friend tell me about your institute, i am search in noida near sector- 37,18,16,27… but i have no found your institute add., i found sec-62 address, but it is so far me. so pls. provide me nearby my location .


    Bikram Singh

  64. sanjeev sharma says:

    This is very good suggestion

  65. dipith says:

    English is not a language only,it has become a business now. Nobody wants to teach genuinely. Every institute wants money by playing subtle tricks to gain attentions of aspirants and in the end sufferer is only the students. People are waiting for revolution. Hope you will react soon

  66. Amit says:

    huge mti
    how to fix it

  67. Sushma says:

    Wanna speak fluent English for bpo sector and MNC company too

  68. Vikas kumar says:

    I want to learn english

  69. Uttam says:

    I want to speek enlgish.

  70. Hello Sar ,I'm trying to speak english fluently but I'm not successful So sar please you help me.

  71. anurag gautam says:

    Dear sir,

    I am working in multy national company last four year. But I still stop a level. I want to grow in my career. Without English it's impossible for me and others. Without good English communication I am not facing a single interview.
    Please suggest me what I can do?

  72. kashish says:

    I am trying but never speak English

  73. kashish says:

    I Am trying to speak English

  74. SANJAY says:

    Hi my name is SANJAY..I am not speak english properly…can u help me – See

    Please Share Salution immdetaly

  75. amod says:

    Spoken English

  76. Hi, I am working with a corprate company in sales profile . But i am not perfect in english . there are many problem i am facing when i talk to the coustmers , in meeting i can't say any thing with confidence . I am very worried about my career , kindy let me know what i should to do.

  77. Hi,
    I am working in sales profile from last 4 years , now a i m working with a big orgnization. I am not perfect in english there are many mishtake i am doing in grammer. only the week point of english i unable to grow my career , many problem i am facing like deeling with cousmers , and in appresial and in office meeting i can not say any thing with confidence becouse its a corprate company, I am really worried about my career kindly let me know what i should to do…

  78. prabhati bhol says:

    I want to speak English in fluently

  79. Niketa says:

    Hlw,I want to do english speaking classes in your institute..but i want only one month classes of english..can you tell me is there any course of 1 month .

  80. Minakshi says:


  81. j kumar says:

    I want to learn eng speek.

  82. Ashutosh says:

    Join some English speaking course

  83. sharwon kumar says:

    How can speak english language and how can get learn

  84. Aasha says:

    I am aasha sir ,I know English .I am studied at English medium but I don't know how to express it.i am very hesitate to deliver to speak.

  85. Shahbaz khan says:

    I try to speak English but while speaking I get stuck so what should I do to speak fluently

  86. navin says:

    want to join

  87. Amar nath singh says:

    Hello sir
    I am a student. But I am not speak in English please sir help me

  88. ranbir singh says:

    i want to attend summer classes for spoken English. my dob is 15-11-1985. i need full details of the same.

  89. supriya says:


    i want to speak in English but my problem is that i hesitate to speak i always thought i spoke wrong English i want a good command in English like i speak in Hindi i write in Hindi speak and understand so i want a that kind of command over English because i was a Hindi medium student so my grimmer is very bad so i am not very confident about what i speak or what i am writing that's why i am not speaking in English.

  90. Rishi Sharma says:

    Although i scored 102 in toefl recently and 7 band in ielts 5 years back, i find myself uncomfortable in long conversation in english. I sometimes miss out on the perfect word to be chosen. I believe i dont have a bad vocabulary, its just that i am surrounded with ppl who converse in hindi and thats why my speakig skills aint perfect. Let me k ow how you can help me out with this. I am moving to US for MBA after couple of months, need to improve speakig skills before that.


  91. Varsha says:

    Thank you sir for this amazing blog. I have been in so much problem about speaking fluently in English.

    I am a financial adviser but no one take my suggestion seriously because I don't know English.

    I want to know if my money would be wasted at inlingua. After reading Vinod's blog I am more confident to join inlingua and speak English fluently.

    Also what is inlingua cp delhi fees in 2016? I found inlingua delhi fees in 2015… Is it changed now?

    Please help me urgently. I really want to join your institute.


  92. Soni says:

    Hi Sir,

    Mujhe bhi Varsha ki tarah same problem hai… I am weak English and cannot speak English fluently.

    I read mouthshut reviews, are they true? Mujhe toh woh fake lage about inlingua complete waste of money.

    I asked Sanjana, one of friend who did her course from this institute, she said fees zyada hai but course accha hai. She now speaks achhi English now.

    Please help me with inlingua delhi fees 2016.

  93. himmat singh says:

    Practice man practice. Go and spend your time at Inlingua, I am sure you everyone will like it.

  94. kishan lal says:

    English is all about words means vocabulary

  95. preeti says:

    hellooo sir … there is any institute in pawnshop vihar? i want get admission in an inlingua center

  96. AJAY says:

    Hi Vikarm, I am working in a private firm and on a daily basis, i am interacting lot of people in India and overseas but some how i am facing speaking problem either through concall or in front of someone. Please help us how can I build my confidence level to improve fast communication and using right word either verbal and written also. Warm Regards, Ajay

  97. kiran says:

    plzz tell me the fees of english speaking coures

  98. Ranvir Mishra says:

    dear Sir
    Myself Ranvir Mishra.
    I thought before today that my communication skills is very good, but today when i called for an interview from a mnc i get understand that where i am standing today..sir really i want to share my today's experience not only with you also with the your site viewers… Sir today i have become fail to crack the first round of interview there….. Just because of lake of vocabulary and nervousness.
    During the interview i have feel my weakness of grammar also.
    So, hopefully on same day i come to you for resolve my this issue and make me confident in this language…!
    I just want to join your institute for resolving all of my stuck in spoken English.. So please provide me the full prospectus along with fee structure into my e-mail as soon as possible.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ranvir Mishra

  99. Sachin Rathi says:

    how can i increase my communication skills,, because of my communication skills i've rejected from many international companies.. whenever i go to give an interview in international companies i get unsucceed.. and also i get nervous… how can i get the confidence level? and how to increase ?

  100. Brad Hodge says:

    English language is best known language for better growth in jobs. People having good English can get quick promotions in their jobs.

  101. AAFREEN SHAMIM says:

    HEllo sir iam aafreen shamim from new delhi sir meri problem ye hai ki main english smjh leti hun padh b leti hun but bol nahi paati or face to face ksi se conversation bhi nahi kar paatii…

  102. Prakashi says:

    I know how to speak in english but not fluently but sometimes in found myself nervous it could be due to lack of confidence.i just entered my details please arrange a call back from inlingua person so that i can start working on improving my speaking skills.

  103. Awesome article post! Corporate English language training courses and programs are either taught with a focus on English writing or English speaking. English knowledge and speaking is very essential these days.

  104. TUSHAR SHUKLA says:

    Sir kindly

  105. jitendra says:

    Sir i tried a lot to speak English but whenever i try to speak than i forget what should I speak

  106. manoj says:

    we like more. it is very good language

  107. manoj says:

    given some example are good from here . we are satisfied . we will learn by learn bikes, cycles, car etc.but need a tutor must. bin guru gyan nahi

  108. Ritik Kumar Thakur says:

    We know that English is a global as well as international language. So,I Like English.
    Thank You Friends
    Ritik Kumar Thakur

  109. zinmoe says:

    i want to improve my English fluency so guide me with some tichnic.

  110. surya says:

    I would to say that I am student of 11 but my English is so weak. Can u tell that there is important that grammar is important in speaking plz sir tell sir one more query that I can learn english speaking from ..? I don't know …plz I can make my English better. .? ????

  111. saquib says:

    hello. i do not speak English

  112. Barun jain says:

    Please help me

  113. Priyanka Dahya says:

    I want to join your institute in noida.

  114. shwetha says:

    If somebody is looking for apps that teaches English from Hindi and from other Indian Languages…check out, a website and a mobile app that enables learning English in a fun way using video lessons, quizzes and grammar test. Its a very good app for people seeking mobile apps to learn EnglishIt is very beneficial for the beginners as well

  115. cherukula.anusha says:

    I want to learn english fluently with your cooperation.

  116. anjali verma says:

    I can speak english but not fluently.. if someone speak in english front of me then i feel nervous that time. thats why i can't communicate to other person. Sir please help me. how can i remove my hegitation..

  117. Son says:

    I want know English so much but i can not member new word? How can i know English fluency ?

  118. Sushma says:

    Nice post, If you want to improve your English communication proficiency, then here are easiest ways to follow:

    Watch English movies with Subtitle.
    Read Blogs & Article online.
    Listen to English Songs.
    Try To Talk With Friends in English.
    Use Dictionary.

    You can join good English speaking classes.

  119. anshujain says:

    Mei free online english learning course kerna chati hu plz tell me how

  120. Manroop says:

    I weak in spoken and understand english

  121. Bhawna says:

    I am improving my English

  122. Bhawna says:

    Plz share course free and other details

  123. Muleya Eugene says:

    kindly do what you can do for me to learn how to speak english i have challenges with past tense as well as spellings and pronouncesion of words

  124. Anowar says:

    Actually I can tell English bt not fluently so want to learn.

  125. neha says:

    I like visual learning the info-graphics were superb..that's pretty cool way for learning.

  126. Karan says:

    I want to improve my speaking skills please share course details with me.

  127. Srishti says:

    I can write English but not able to communicate. Any suggestion please.

  128. mukul baghel says:

    Dear Sir,

    I can speak english intermediate . I can understand but i cant speak fluent and mti issue . Kindly suggest how i can reform my MTI issue.

  129. sonal sharma says:

    I am pursuing MBA student facing a big problem at times of presentation. I am unable to describe my topic. How to improve my English

  130. sakshi says:

    I want to learn english speaking i. One month

  131. Abhirut says:

    It sounds nice but it’s not easy to practice and feel the usefulness.

  132. yuvarani says:

    Wonderful post!!! Everybody is thinking that the English language is like a huge ocean. In today senior without knowing English we can’t able to share our ideas and thoughts. To have a great career one should have a good fluency in the English language. Thanks admin for sharing this post. Keep on writing.
    <a href=""/>best spoken english classes in salem </a> | <a href=""/>best spoken english classes in salem</a>

  133. yamanurappa says:

    spoken English comunication

  134. Pushkar singh says:

    I very intetested learn english

  135. kamine says:

    Sir mujhe speaking sikhani hai. Mujhe English bolne mai bahut hajitation hoti hai .

  136. dheraj says:

    I have to go for online test next month to take the admission in fall session. Is it possible to get it done in a month

  137. Noor says:

    English grows day by day in the workplace and in social circles, a very common concern for many young people today is their inability to speak English fluently.

  138. Holi says:

    I want to learn English plz help me how to get ur email

  139. Amazing issues entirely, you merely acquired a completely new audience. Just what exactly can you online French lessons suggest in terms of the send you created few days ago? Virtually any positive?

  140. saavn says:

    practicing your English under the guidance of a trained instructor can work magic in just a few weeks .

  141. Vincent says:

    I think I'm good of speaking good English, but whenever I'm with my other colleagues or in are meeting I get nervous I can't even participate in giving solutions or ask questions,,,this thing makes me look like a fool in front of my friends too, kindly what can I Do?

  142. monika says:

    As the use of English growing day by day in the workplace and in social circles, a very common concern for many young people today is their inability to speak English fluently.

  143. JASNEET says:

    Try many things to improve their spoken English – reading English newspapers and books, watching English films, practicing alone in front of a mirror .

  144. Tany says:

    A very common concern for many young people today is their inability to speak English fluently.

  145. Shahid says:

    A very common concern for many young people today is their inability to speak English fluently. They try many things to improve their spoken English – reading English newspapers and books, watching English films.

  146. Neraj says:

    I Always try to speak english properly and dont thing i cant do. i have a power to improve speaking english but i am fail can u send me your address.

  147. Harry says:

    I try many things to improve their spoken English – reading English newspapers and books, watching English films, practicing alone in front of a mirror its ok for me. Plz tell me.

  148. Simmy says:

    I am employ facing a big problem at times of presentation. I am unable to describe my topic. How to improve my English.

  149. Hussain says:

    Plz join me!
    I also want to learn that how to speak English properly with other people!

  150. Harbhajan says:

    my biggest problem is lack or vocabulary and hesitation in speaking..well when I am alone I can speak English but when have I to communicate with others I got nervous.

  151. Vinod says:

    Talking with other people in English can help you learn and discover new words. While listening, once you hear new word that will also help in improving spoken English.

  152. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  153. mary says:

    Thanks for your kindness.

  154. Kashvi says:

    Reading, speaking in the group is important to speak English fluently and it increase your confidence level.

  155. abid says:

    It is very good content.keep it up.

  156. Shivangi says:

    I am not perfect in English there are many mistakes I am doing in grammar. Only the week point of English is unable to grow my career.

  157. assmeet says:

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