1. English edge: ‘Earn 34% more than others’  Rema Nagarajan TIMES INSIGHT GROUP

Those who speak English fluently earn up to 34% more than those who don’t speak the language, a recent report has found, confirming the link between an education in English and the scope of employment opportunities.   Read More

2. Want white-collar job? Try English, and not quota ’   August 30, 2015, 12:07 AM IST Aakar Patel in Aakarvani | India | TOI

You have achieved what we Patels have been trying to achieve for 30 years: bring national attention to our demands. It was 1985 when we first agitated against reservations. I was 15 and press-ganged into agitating on the streets of Surat by older friends.   Read More

3. India's Engineering Graduates Fail to Crack English Language Code’  Prachi Verma Dadhwal & Saumya Bhattacharya

About 67% of engineers graduating from India's colleges do not possess good spoken English skills Poor spoken English may be keeping a large number of India's engineers from landing some of the best paid jobs in the country.   Read More

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