India's Engineering Graduates Fail to Crack English Language Code

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India’s Engineering Graduates Fail to Crack English Language Code

By: Vinod Agarwal On: 7/9/15
About 67% of engineers graduating from India’s colleges do not possess good spoken English skills
Poor spoken English may be keeping a large number of India’s engineers from landing some of the best paid jobs in the country.A study has found that an overwhelming 97% of engineers in the country cannot speak English required for high-end jobs in corporate sales and
business consulting.

Moreover, as per the report based on the study, about 67% of engineers graduating from India’s colleges do not possess spoken English skills
required for any job in knowledge economy.

The study `The National Spoken English Skills of Engineers Report’, conducted by Aspiring Minds, surveyed English skills study of 30,000 engineers
across 500 engineering colleges.

Although the problem is far more pronounced in tier 2 and tier 3 colleges, instilling spoken English skills is a big challenge in Indian Institutes
of Technology and National Institutes of Technology as well.

About 600,000 engineers graduate annually in India.

“As we get students from different back grounds and regions around the country , they are mostly not comfortable with the English language,“ said
Gautam Biswas, director, IIT Guwahati. “Quite a few students appear for JEE (joint entrance examination) in their mother tongue. It becomes very
difficult for them to follow the curriculum as almost everything is taught in English.“

UB Desai, director of IIT Hyderabad, said the problem of students not being able to speak English is not restricted to IITs but is prevalent across
the country, and even in China and a few European nations.

“Over the years, the focus in the education system has shifted to chemistry, maths, physics. Focus on soft skills has reduced. This is impacting
the students. Sometimes, these students may even lose out on good job prospects as many companies come to campuses for global positions as well,“
he said.

Engineering students in the metros do much better in spoken English skills than those in the non-metros, according to the study . Kushal Sen,
dean-faculty at IIT Delhi, affirms this.

“A majority of our students may not have the problem of speaking in English but there are about 30 per cent who need to be groomed when it comes to
soft skills. Soft skills that include speaking in English, etiquette, etc, are important from the job point of view,“ he said.IIT Delhi offers its
students additional courses on soft skills.

Tier 1 colleges fare better in spoken English skills than their peers down the line. “As expected the spoken English ability of candidates becomes
worse, on average, in campuses in lower tier cities,“ said Varun Aggarwal, co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO), Aspiring Minds. “There is
further degradation of spoken English skills from tier 2 to tier 3 campuses as compared to that from tier 1 to tier 2 campus,“ he said.


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14 thoughts on “India’s Engineering Graduates Fail to Crack English Language Code

  1. Kavish Chawla says:

    Engineering main itna time nahin hota ki english pe dhyan dain , lekin engineering ke baad english speaking course kar lena ek badiya option hota hai jo kaafi faayedemand

  2. Chanchal bansal says:

    english is the key to unlock oppurtunities

  3. Language is the biggest barrier in professional conduct.i hope your institute helps me to imprive my english.. i have read about your insitute and heard from students .. you seem to be doing a great job.

  4. Nisha Martin says:

    oh Yes , they can be told about your institute. there is no other way for them.

  5. Engineers speak in their native language far more better than English that makes them less competetive for any Highly paid JOB.

  6. Most Engineers in Delhi speak in Hindi and have to learn in English from the books, to cope up with this a basic knowledge is a must for improvement on every front.

  7. Neelam says:

    India me Engineering Graduates or English Language ka combination kam hi hota hai.

  8. Shabana Haidar says:

    To crack interview easily English conversation is must..i know after spending a lot of time in engineering is not easy to invest time again but inligua has made it very easier with their quality teachings.

  9. Aachal says:

    After learning English from inlingua I cleared my interview not starting my new job.
    Thanks inlingua for quality learning

  10. Aman says:

    Many Engineers fail to get their jobs because of poor English join inlingua and improve your skills.

  11. rohit kapoor says:

    Speaking fluent english is the most important requirement for private organizations.

  12. ajay kumar says:

    Engineer with fluent communication skills rare to find.

  13. surjeet says:

    Yes, right my engineer friends use to tell me this problem.

  14. Raghukul triphati says:

    I am an engineer.I can understand this poor communication skills and how embarrassing the situation is when you are unable to give a presentation because of poor communication skills.

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