Talking English at inlingua is fun Remember the times when you didn’t want to go to school or college just because you knew how boring the class would get. Do we feel the same way when we have to go for a field trip or create a model or do an experiment? Have you ever realised why the latter activities are more exciting than a boring classroom lecture? Not a tough guess……it is because these activities involve individuals. When individuals are involved, the brain is actively involved, and that’s the time we learn and contribute the most. So who said speaking fluently in English means only a set of language rules and that’s the only way to talk in English? Those who said ‘Yes’ are sadly wrong – try to think of the way we learnt to speak our first language – did we really know all the rules? ‘No’ – we just learnt it by sounds – we just knew what sounded right or wrong. Similarly, English speaking at inlingua is about listening to sounds and patterns and participating in a lot of fun activities to practice these sounds and patterns to speak English fluently. The repetitive spoken English patterns practised in the class also train individuals to identify their mistakes preparing them to speak English fluently in the outside world. English conversation at inlingua is functional What good is it to learn all the rules and don’t know how to use them? Take for example, a fun activity as swimming, the coach can perhaps teach you how best to move your hands and legs, but all who know swimming will agree that all rules are forgotten in the water when you take the first plunge? Similarly, the ability to speak fluently in English is possible by being aware of how to apply what is being taught in a real life context. English speaking conversation is developed by the specific activities executed by the well trained instructors targeting on the usage. These real life activities help students to improve spoken English in situations as simple as conversation with friends and colleagues to more challenging situations as facing an interview or making presentations. Learning to use the language helps you to speak English fluently at all times. English speaking at inlingua is ‘expression without fear’ Many times we don’t speak in English because of our own self created fear. What will the instructor say? My class mates will laugh at my mistakes, my words will be wrong etc. The inlingua method is such that you are free to express and talk in English as freely as possible. You are able to get the instructor’s undivided attention as you talk in English and get real-time feedback. You improve spoken English because the instructor provides immediate feedback which again involves the student. When students experience that they are able to speak fluently in English without any fear or hesitation, they feel a deep sense of achievement and success. Speaking English fluently becomes motivating as it is the biggest reward of learning at inlingua. The instructors encourage students to only talk in English which is also essential to create the right kind of learning environment and the confidence. Improve spoken English further with excellent study material, online learning and friends for a life time At inlingua many people come as strangers and become friends with everlasting bonds. Inlingua has a mix of students and it may sound surprising but it’s true – Exposure to a lot of people gives you a much better sense of how the sound of a word is supposed to be. The cafelingua is a great place for students and ex-students to debate and talk in English. The excellent study material and online exercises are all designed to help students improve English skills away from inlingua. Again, this material is far from being boring. Most of the exercises are like games and fun activities to help students to speak English fluently.

Inlingua Team, 11 July, 2018 (6:14 AM)

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