Dear friends, I want to share my experiences with you at inlingua, where I had gone so that I could improve my English Speaking quickly. I work for a large insurance company as a salesman. Customers come in every day, wanting to buy a new policy.  They compare, they haggle, they complain…’Yeh dekho, iss falan company ki yehi policy sirf itne ki hai…tum log to bahut charge karte ho’, and so on. They don’t really want to know about the details, or benefits or service, or any of the other good things. They just get stuck on price, Fevicol se. What they don’t understand is that a good policy comes at a good price. That is what makes it a good policy. Other companies don’t offer as many features, or people have problems when they go to claim their amount. This is what I try to explain to them. A good product comes at a good price; not more, not less. It’s always better to pay a good price for good quality, rather than trying to save a few rupees, and regretting later. Look at the quality and not only the price. So when it came to finding the right English speaking institute for myself, it became all the more important that I choose correctly. The decision would affect my career, my life. I did the rounds. I came across many institutes that promised to improve English speaking skills. But when I went there, I was a little taken aback. The people I met were not speaking good English themselves, so how could they teach me?  I quickly understood that these here were the essential ‘chalu’ type of places. They’ll admit anyone without any understanding of their backgrounds, their needs, and why they were there in the first place.  They offer courses at very low prices, so that customers agree quickly, and they can close the sale. Besides, they have too many students in every class, so how could the teacher pay proper attention to everyone? Different approach, smaller groups, more attention But when I walked into inlingua, it became clear that this place was different. They were polite, interested and asked me a lot of questions to help me clear my understanding of my goals; my background, my current job, and my aims. They told me in great detail about their teaching methodology, why they are different, and why is it that all their students speak English fluently. I also found out that they are a big international brand with years of experience and countless success stories to back every claim. I would be put in a class where all students would be of the same level, there would be only 8 people in every class, so I can be assured of proper instruction. Joining inligua was the best Investment for my career. I liked it! Genuine log lag rahe the. I joined the rapidex English speaking course and very soon, I made rapid progress! In class they would ask everyone to talk and talk more, and no one ever laughed or made fun of anybody. I hadn’t told anyone at my company that I had joined an institute to Improve English speaking. It so happened that I had finished the course, and was sitting in the weekly sales meeting when the boss asked me for status reports. I took off in fluent English. Earlier, I had been afraid and shy, now I was confident. He immediately noticed the difference. He asked me. I told him about inlingua. Of course, he had heard the name. He smiled and said to me, ‘Good, I’m glad you have made the right investment’. I couldn’t agree more. My decision to go to inlingua was right after all. Initially I did have doubts as it seemed a little expensive. But then I remembered about the insurance policies I sell and how I advise customers. “Don’t think about the price only, see the benefits too. Think of it as the right investment, for safeguarding your future”. My boss said to me, in front of everybody, “Keep working hard, keep improving, and success will come looking for you’. Looks like I invested wisely, after all.

Vinod Agarwal, 24 July, 2017 (6:39 AM)

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