How incrediblewould it be to have one solution that serves multiple purpose of your life?And that too an exciting one! Well the good news is, there is one such way: be it your career, personal and social life or even your health! it will aid you throughout. It is Bilingualism. Yes! being bilingual can benefit you in more than one way, which has been proven by numerous studies over the years. About 60-70% of the world’s population speak at least two languages, which means that bilinguals have outnumbered monolinguals.

Are you one of them? If not, thenyou should make efforts to be one. As learning a foreign language has multiple benefits— both professionally and personally. The following facts will entice you to add 2 more languages to your resume:

Perks of being a Bilingual:

While Travelling

This goes without saying. If you’re a traveller or even passionate about it, being bilingual can be highly beneficial for you. Speaking with locals in their native tongue can make you seem more amicable and  friendly, increasing your chances of experiencing true culture and hidden gems usually not open to other tourists. This definitely makes the journey a lot more memorable and fun. Forget translation apps or books, being able to understand the language and culture is something only a true traveller would understand.

Stand out

“That guy knows it all!” Everyone wants to be ‘THAT GUY’ in the workplace, who is the ‘go-to employee’. By being bilingual you can be THAT GUY, who can handle foreign clients, delegates and is the ideal employee for overseas business trips. Not only this, but the salary packages and demand of a bilingual is usually higher than the others. The organisation prioritises them over others, especially in MNCs, tourism and journalism.

Impress your peers

The most knowledgeable person in the room is the most attractive one. Being bilingual boosts the confidence and expands the horizon of knowledge. It makes the person open-minded and seem more intellectual, and is also the centre of attraction.

Improve cognitive ability

Numerous studies have shown that bilinguals recover faster than monolinguals because bilingualshave demonstrated proof of having improved planning and problem solving abilities. Also, it keeps your brain healthy. Learning a language for living a little extra, is totally worth it.

You can achieve all this and a lot more, all you need to do is to find professional help: like a language institute that has a bunch of dedicated trainers and uses modern learning techniques. inlinguaNew Delhi provide a range of foreign languages –French, German and Spanish— and has more than 5 centres in the city to help you become a better version of you. Inlingua New Delhi’s teaching methodology and friendly instructors will make you fall in love with learning new languages.

Saket Pathak, 26 December, 2018 (2:02 PM)

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