Find the following dates to take IDP IELTS test. These dates are applicable only for IELTS India. You can enroll in inlingua New Delhi for ielts coaching in Delhi. We provide customized IELTS coaching according to your IELTS Exam/Test dates. Drop into our nearest centre to know more about customized IELTS coaching. Look below if IDP IELTS Test/Exam Dates are available in 2017. DOWNLOAD IELTS EXAM TEST DATES LIST HERE

IDP : IELTS Test Location - New Delhi Flat No. 516-520, 5th Floor, International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019 Tel: 91-011-44118888 Email: Web: IELTS Test/Exam Fee by IDP: by 30th September 2017: Rs.11,300 after 1st October 2017: Rs.11,300  

IDP IELTS Test Date  2017

 A = Academic

G = General     * For all test dates from 01 April 2017 onwards - The fee for registration is INR 11,100  **  Apart from IDP IELTS, British Council India also offers IELTS tests at 42 locations across India, details of which can be viewed on British Council India's website. *** The Forms, terms & Conditions and Information can be downloaded at the following location Download IELTS Form, IELTS Candidate Information form here

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