"The limits of my language means the limits of my world”

― Ludwig Wittgenstein

Is it possible to feel lonely in a crowded place? To answer this question here’s an appropriate example - metro cities are the most crowded areas in a country. Yet many people (especially the migrants) are living in depression, mainly because of the loneliness. The fear of getting judged on their outlook and language pull them down and they feel alienated. For them it’s almost like a cultural shock. Now the question arises, ‘Why migrants?’ Thousands of people migrate to the metro cities for higher studies and in search of a better job. According to a market research, every minute, 25-30 people are migrating to Indian cities from small towns in search of improved lifestyles. With this rate, the Indian urban population will reach 600 million by 2030.

These people are talented, well-educated but one thing that haunts them to the core is English. However, it does not mean that they fail to understand English or do not know the basics of it, they just fail to express themselves. They feel apprehensive when it comes to speaking English and, therefore, consider it as the language of the elite. This uptight behaviour of theirs put them apart from the urban group and they start feeling deserted at various parties or meetings, be it professional or personal (with friends).

Today, learning and speaking English has become imperative as almost all the universities, private companies, and even government jobs are demanding fluency in English. If you want to prosper at any job you need to be confident while writing and speaking English.

Now let’s dig deeper and see where the actual problem lies, many of these migrants come from small towns, villages and remote areas, where English is not at all in practice. Only basics of the language are being taught in the schools and most of their subjects are in the regional language. So, when they move to cities, they face the language barrier at the workplace, among friends, and public places. They not only feel alienated but insulted also as some of their contemporaries or even friends make fun of their language incapacity. This sinks their morale and as a result, they isolate themselves which leads to loneliness and sometimes to depression.

In today’s world where everything has become so easy and seamless, learning and speaking English is also no more considered as a rocket science. There are more than enough ways to win the battle against this so-called furore. The first and foremost step is to start believing in yourself as it’s only you who can make everything possible. You just need to be self-assured while speaking English and this can only be attained when you voice your opinion on different situations. Secondly, you need to find a reliable and reputed English learning institute that believes in the modern and fun styles of teaching like inlingua. It is one such platform, situated in the National Capital where you can not only learn English but foreign languages also like German, French and etc. Here the friendly trainers and management make you learn the language in the most interesting way. inlingua also helps you to overcome the hesitation by creating an ideal learning environment, where there is no pressure or competition.

One thing that you need to understand that one can get a hold on the language besides reading, is only by constantly speaking out loud and implementing your learnings in your day to day life. Because the more you speak, the more you will learn.

‘’Rome Was Not Built In A Day.’’ To reach the top of the ladder one needs to climb those goddamn stairs. Sometimes you will find it tough and feel like giving up but remember the top view is always surreal. In the same way, by practicing the language daily you’ll master it and you will no more feel neglected and who knows you might become the ‘Star’ of the parties.

Saket Pathak, 29 November, 2018 (8:53 AM)

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