A workplace is where you spend more than half of your time, in a day. Hence, it demands a lot of participation, particularly in terms of performing tasks, expressing thoughts, conveying ideas and socializing. This means, only conveying the message at the job is not enough, one needs to be expressive enough to present his or her thoughts clearly to the colleagues. Besides, it becomes significant to confidently speak with both the superiors and subordinates. As with superiors, one needs to set an impression and with subordinates, earning respect and setting an example is crucial.

Sadly, at almost every workplaceyou will find employees who are unable to communicate their ideas. And the main problem is the lack of confidence while speaking. As English is generally the prime language used at workplaces, employees who are not well versed with it, find it difficult to communicate with their peers. And this phenomenon is beyond designations; many a time people at senior positions too, face this difficulty.

This results in less participation of personnel when it comes to attending a meeting, creating a presentation, contributing to the ideation or even answering a phone call. Due to which they end up being a victim of workplace discrimination and bullying. The discrimination and bullying lead to de-motivation, and directly impacts his/her performance. This immoral practice should not take place anywhere, be it your office or house. To put an end to such bullies and bigots, you need to raise your confident voice against them clear and loud. Here are a few tips by which you can gain the confidence and stand up against any such activity in your workplace.

Develop a reading habit

To speak you need to know the right words that express your opinion. To learn such words you need to read a lot. It can be anything, novels, newspaper, articles, blogs, magazines, and so on. This way you’ll learn new words and their meanings and you can further use them in your daily life.

Watch English channels

This is not only entertaining but educating as well. In the beginning, you might find it difficult to understand but eventually, you’ll pick up the flow. You can watch anything from news to movies to series but in the English language.

Speak in front of the mirror

This sounds a little cliché but definitely helps the most. When you speak in front of the mirror you get to see where you are making mistakes and where you’re fumbling. Likewise, you can do the corrections. This will boost up your confidence to next level.

Work on your fluency

Now don’t mistake fluency for speed. No, you don’t have to speak quickly but fluently, i.e., your ideas and thoughts should be expressed and clearly. By speaking out loud or talking to your friends and family members in English you can work on your fluency.

Work on the pronunciation

Knowing it all is not enough until you’re speaking correctly. Pronouncing a word wrong can land you in an embarrassing situation. That’s why you need to know how a certain word is pronounced. Speak difficult words out loud until you master them. This will help you sound more professional in a meeting or a public speaking session.

Focus on corporate communication skills

Being a professional, making presentations, taking professional calls and attending discussions are your daily tasks. Hence working on your corporate communication is a must. You can do so by watching interviews and business professional’s debates and podcasts.

These pointers would work beyond shadowsof doubt, only if you are determinant enough to stand and speak up against the bully. You can also join a reputed and professional English teaching institute. That will provide you with a better learning material. Talking about a professional institute, inlingua is one such reliable name in New Delhi. It is a platform where you can master the language and revitalize your confidence. This will help you stand out at your workplace.

Saket Pathak, 19 November, 2018 (4:42 PM)

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