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Our dynamic online placement test lets you place yourself on the inlingua language ladder. Get an assesment of your language skills or simply practice for fun!

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Inlingua centers charge a small fee for assessment. However, on Friday you can come and get your language skills assessed for free !

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Value Addition


In addition to standard courses, inlingua has the following value added services:

inlingua online learning (iOL)
Learn at your convenience using a smartphone or a computer. Supplement classroom learning with practice online using this advanced tool.
inlingua students can continue to use this tool after finishing a course for an additional period for a nominal fee.

The inlingua Facebook page is a tool to learn interesting English words and phrases through the ‘word of the day’ program. Here, many ex and current students connect with each other and with inlingua. The page is essentially a forum for students to be connected with their instructors.

Valuable information about the language is available at the forum with many a contest to keep it engaging and fun. Members can view opinions of others and contribute their own.

Friday activities
In keeping with the spirit of inlingua, we conduct a host of activities to learn and master the language in an informal atmosphere. Every Friday, inlinguans get a chance to participate in a host of activities such as group discussions, debates and ‘just a minute’ sessions.

Click on Icons below to know how these organisations are benefited with inlingua’s Value addition.

English Case Study Aga Khan Education ServicesEnglish Case Chitkara University


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