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More often than not, you come across sales and service representatives who are not able to go beyond three or four sentences of scripted English and employees with bright ideas that they are unable to express well to co-workers and customers. To business leaders, the English language deficit poses a very real business challenge. It can dull the competitive edge of any business organization.

Business research from Forbes, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC and Towers Watson shows that organizations are very aware of the positive impact that effective communication has on projects, programs and portfolios. However, what hasn’t been clear until now is how much of an impact ineffective communication has on project outcomes and subsequent business success. PMI’s Pulse of the ProfessionTM In-Depth Report: The Essential Role of Communication provides that eye-opening insight.

PMI’s 2013 Pulse of the ProfessionTM report revealed that US$135 million is at risk for every US$1 billion spent on a project. Further research on the importance of effective communication uncovers that a startling 56 percent (US$75 million of that US$135 million) is at risk due to ineffective communication.

Inlingua New Delhi has been set up by a group of professional managers and academics. The team is sensitive to training needs of large and small companies and the challenge of making teams competitive through communication training.

The corporate training team consists of consultants and trainers with extensive experience in assessing training needs, customizing programs, defining targets, delivering effective learning programs, measuring and reporting progress.

People of almost all ages have common traits when it comes to learning a skill. Watch children learn how to cycle; they do so by watching, listening and doing. A lecture on the center of gravity or the art of balancing on two wheels is lost on them. Learning a language is no different; the more you do or speak, the better you get.

inlingua methods are based on these very simple insights about learning :

Language peers

Not everybody has the same level of English. The inlingua audit ensures that written and spoken English levels are tested and learners grouped homogeneously based on their level. The levels are also a benchmark to assess clearly, the progress made by each learner.

Speaking, not just listening

The last thing you hear in an inlingua class is the instructor saying, ‘quiet please’. Instead, instructors encourage learners to speak up, the only condition being that you speak the language you are learning.

Small Group

All inlingua classes are structured such that 70 percent or more of time is devoted to learners speaking the target language.

The class size is restricted to ten learners to ensure that everyone speaks up.

Having fun while you learn

Students learn best when they are having fun. Learners participate in a variety of activities including role play, group discussions, debates and extempore talk time.

Assist not instruct

inlingua instructors are carefully selected and rigorously trained in the inlingua method. Each trainer has to meet international quality standards of inlingua to deliver the inlingua promise. Experts at building a friendly and comfortable environment in class, they encourage and not criticize students hence motivating them to feel confident in the language.

Learning aids
Learners have access to high quality study material including online exercise aids. The inlingua classroom is not about reading books or making notes of lessons. They are about being encouraged to speak well and with confidence. Course material is used after classes to reinforce classroom learning.

Millions of private clients and employees of large and small companies, institutions and government offices have benefited from the inlingua method of language training. The client list consists of several Fortune 500 companies.

Highly qualified native speakers provide language and communication training in many different target languages with the help of training material specially developed by inlingua.

Inlingua New Delhi has been the favourite of some premier enterprises in India, particularly in the National Capital Region. Though we have a network of institutes in the NCR, our corporate services are available to and used by enterprises across India.

inlingua New Delhi Clients

Worldwide Clients

Inlingua’s core strength lies in enhancing communication standards. We customize training programs for each enterprise and its needs.

Our service offering includes programs on :

  • Business etiquette
  • Presentation skills
  • Written communication (business)
  • Verbal communication (business)
  • Negotiation skills
  • Socializing across cultures


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