Delay in promotion due to poor English speaking skills?

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Delay in promotion due to poor English speaking skills?

By: Sherin D'Souza On: 8/10/14
Top reason for delay in promotion – Poor English speaking skills
How often do we feel low because our chance of getting that much needed promotion is simply rejected because of poor English speaking skills? The boss shows us a ray of hope and says,
“Do something about your communication skills”. We again sit wondering for a long time till we can clearly point out the failure to poor English speaking skills. One of the essential qualities of a leader is to be able to communicate effectively with people – management, colleagues and sub-ordinates and that’s a quality hiring managers are actively looking for while hiring or promoting as a lot of established companies have the training budgets in place for imparting technical skills but none for English communication skills.
As English is the most commonly used language in offices these days, being able to talk in English fluently has become increasingly important.

Can we do anything to improve our English speaking skills?
“Many people would advise us to read newspapers, watch English films, buy English grammar books and we listen to this and try to follow all these methods in order to improve our English speaking skills. We make a schedule, make firm resolutions but nothing seems to really help. We try hard, very hard; we struggle with words, try it for a day or two and then again back to square one. But then do we really need to give up hope? Deep inside we know, we have all the perfect abilities, all the ideas and skills to do a job exceptionally well, so why should speaking in English be the only obstacle.

inlingua methodology
Finding a mentor at the work place can open a lot of doors for you. A mentor will groom you to succeed by giving you various relevant situation handling tips. Similarly, we need somebody to identify our strengths and help improve on the imperfections while speaking in English. And honestly, it’s not possible to do that on our own. Colleagues and friends can help a bit, but the presence of a trained instructor whose ears are tuned in to precisely what we say can work wonders in improving our English communication skills.

We also need to practice with a group of people at the same level as ours so that we develop the confidence to face the real world situations on our own. All must have heard a common saying – Practice makes a man perfect! I’d prefer to say practice in an extremely stimulating environment with an expert leads to real, visible results. The expert will equip you with universally acceptable, versatile language, vocabulary and polish your existing language skills to help you to face the world. The friends you make will have similar fears and needs and therefore, will be a part in your journey of speaking fluently in English. Slowly, as you make it a habit to speak in English as a part of your daily routine by means of interactive classes you will see your fears gradually disappear and your real self – the one that was hiding, “develop and progress”. It won’t be too long, just a matter of a few weeks, before you could put your under-confidence and hesitation behind and go and grab that promotion!”

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14 thoughts on “Delay in promotion due to poor English speaking skills?

  1. ptasanta acharya says:

    I want to impove my speaking ability & wants to join ur esteem school, my mob-9811352257- thanks & rgds prasanta (new delhi- dwarka)

  2. USHA MOHAN says:


  3. Sanjeev Mishra says:

    Aap bilkul theek keh rahe hain. ye baat bilkul sahi hai . main pichle 5 saal se isi wajah se promote nahin ho paa raha hoon. Ab ja ke inlingua main admission liya hai english waali kamzori ko door karne ke liye.

  4. Sanyogita says:

    I want to speak with fluent.I have too much hesitations.

  5. rakhi nagpali says:

    waited for almost three consecutive years but now now I have been promoted this years. After course from inlingua

  6. naveli says:

    Der aaye durust aaye.

  7. Anil Singh says:

    I am the best example i think as due to my poor english skills from last 4 years i am just getting good increment instead of a promotion.

  8. sidibe udofia says:

    Please I need to join your school so as to improve my speaking ability. Please help me out. Thanks

  9. Anil says:

    After joining inlingua and through great learning I got my promotion which was delayed from past 1 year.

  10. Kavita Kapoor says:

    I will join inlingua so that I will get my promotion easily..And get good growth in carrier.

  11. Kirti says:

    I was in marketing field and my some clients used to communicate in English but I was having problem.So i planned to join Inlingua.

  12. Arun says:

    Hi, Need to know what type of courses an originations can give to their employees or tool that can correct your English at the time of speaking.

  13. Krishna Bajpai says:

    I waited for 3.5 years just because of my poor communication skills. But thanks to Inlingua I have been promoted this year.

  14. Ankita says:

    In promotion and in selection also it’s the same conditions. English has become compulsory in many fields.

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