To speak English fluently, one needs to practice speaking. This is easier said than done, as it is generally very difficult to find the right environment to do so. The place needs to be safe, where one can learn things, however basic, in an interesting, dignified way. One also needs people to speak English with. And since birds of a feather do flock together, the people we are most comfortable with are the ones who are like us in terms of their ability to speak English fluently. In the context of learning, it means that they are at the same ‘spoken English level’ as us. We, at inlingua, have refined this process to an art form. There are ten finely tuned levels, based on various aspects of English language like a person’s understanding and usage of grammar, vocabulary, listening, and speaking skills. So, when a person is placed at a particular level he is with people who show similar language skills. The inlingua system creates an environment in which it becomes very easy to open up, speak English fluently without the fear of ridicule, make mistakes, and learn from them. As everyone is in the same boat, the process of learning becomes synergistic. Every student learns and teaches every other student. And what does the instructor do? She teaches a new concept, each of which is scientifically sequenced, makes sure each student understands it and tries it out in the correct way. She then steps back and allows the class to practice and experiment with the new language learnt, all the while keeping her ear glued to what is being said. The class then discusses and analyses its own performance, based on well-defined parameters. This is followed by feedback from the instructor. Then another fresh concept is introduced and the cycle goes on. Skills in each hour get more evolved than in the previous one. Learning can also be a process of unlearning old faulty patterns. These are identified and gently corrected, until the student gets rid of them. Such individual attention and precise monitoring is possible because of our small class size. There are enough people to interact with and not enough to get lost in. Students in most batches become good friends who speaking English to each other outside class too and continue to nurture each other’s communication skills long after their courses are over at the centre. They often come back, meet and continue learning, months or even years later. The professional planes may change in the outside world, but in the class it is an old friend’s meet. This, however, does not mean fun and frolic in the conventional sense. The classes run on a tight schedule. Not a minute is wasted. It is the learning process that is made enjoyable. Debates, quizzes, and discussions on topics from the esoteric to the mundane, role plays… each class is different, with never a dull moment! Come, learn English, be challenged, and fly higher!

Surabhi Sharma, 24 February, 2015 (12:17 PM)

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