Being multilingual these days is not a luxury, rather, it is now a necessity. In the new world economy, knowledge of a foreign language adds value to your CV. Moreover, great jobs exist within India for professionals proficient in a foreign language. To your benefit, now you can learn languages at various foreign language institutes in Delhi. inlingua provides foreign language courses in Delhi, namely:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

General Purpose Program (German - Spanish - French)LEVELSCOURSEDURATION*LEVEL 1 - BASIC COMMAND IN EVERDAY SITUATIONS1 A48 hrs / 6 - 8 wks1 B48 hrs / 6 - 8 wksLEVEL 2 - LIMITED COMMAND IN FAMILIAR SITUATIONS2 A48 hrs / 6 - 8 wks2 B48 hrs / 6 - 8 wks*Also available: Private one-to-one classes

One can avail the foreign language courses at our various centres like Gurgaon, Noida etc. To learn while having fun, you can join us on Google+ to get free Tips & facts on English Language



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