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Learn English & open yourself to opportunities

By: Ajay Sharma On: 26/2/14
English is the most commonly spoken language around the world and is required for communicating in various professional fields including: business, information technology, science, medicine, aviation, entertainment & media.

One sixth of the worlds’ population speaks English. It is one of the official languages of the United Nations along with Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

Writing and speaking English fluently can open a world of opportunities to a person. Won’t it be fun to write letters and talk to interesting people; to write blogs on areas of your interest and let other people know you better, so as to influence and impress them; Won’t it be fun to make an impression on girls with your improved spoken English skills?

Following are the benefits of learning spoken & written English:

Open doors to knowledge: Today’s media — such as the Internet, television, and the press — gives you almost unlimited access to knowledge. The bulk of this information is in English. With good English language skills it would become easy for you to access this knowledge.

Communicate with people: The world calls English “the language of communication”. English has become the preferred language of almost all international conferences and forums. Prestigious event like the Olympics and international pageants such as the Miss World and Miss Universe contests are conducted in English.

Talk to people from all over the world: Impress girls with your English conversation. Comment on social sites fluently by learning Written English. When people see your written English, they judge you. If your written English is good, you come across as an informed and knowledgeable person.

Travel with ease: Talk to people easily in foreign countries by learning and speaking English fluently. You will be understood better if you speak English fluently. The benefits are many; you make friends easily and also get to conduct business comfortably.

Push your career forward: If you improve your communication skills in English language it makes easier to get a job and to excel in that job. Knowing English will let you:

Put “excellent knowledge of English” on your CV: Employers prefer people who are good at both written and spoken English as official Business Communication happens in English. The chances of getting a promotion and a better salary improve if you are able to improve spoken English and English conversation.

Gain technical knowledge to learn Job skills: Almost all knowledge required to learn a skill is available in English language. Hence learning written English will help you to read and grasp that knowledge which will help in learning that skill.

Use your computer more effectively: As it requires knowledge of written English so that one can read commands and English instructions.

Be a world-class businessman (or – woman): International business community overcomes language barriers by communicating in English. Hence knowledge of written and spoken English helps you to have business conversation with people from almost all over the world. Improve spoken English and take your business international.

English conversations can help you make a big leap in your personality & career and stay ahead of your competitors by opening many opportunities. So what are you waiting for…..? Get started now!!!

The Author is an inlinguan, having successfully completed courses at levels two and three.

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  12. harsh tyagi says:

    Sanskrit is the most suitable language for computer software. The Rick Briggs' paper makes a case that natural languages are not that difficult to use for computer programming. He cites Sanskrit as an example as its grammar can be easily translated to a form understandable by a computer. Jab tak nahin hota tab tak ke liye english sikho yaaron.

  13. jigar joshi says:

    After learning to speak in english the world is my canvas.

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  17. Kirti says:

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    English language makes easier to get a job and reaches towards success.
    That's why i am planning to join inlingua.

  19. summit says:

    In private organization, you must have good spoken english skills.

  20. sonia says:

    Good communications open opportunities.

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    We should try to improve communication skills so that we can make the best use of an opportunity.

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