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Blogs For Corporates


By: Nancy Verma Posted On: 22/2/16

The world is looking at India Look around. Look at some of the world’s largest multi-national companies. Look at Google. Look at Pepsi. Look at Mastercard. Besides being amongst the world’s most valuable and immensely successful businesses, besides being the companies that touch our lives in a very meaningful and intimate way, they all have […]

Increase growth pace by helping employees learn to speak English fluently

By: Sherin D'Souza Posted On: 17/11/14

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people” – Isn’t this advice once given by Nobel prize-winning poet, W.B. Yeats still so relevant to present day communication? So what is the global language of communication, today? English!! Is it? In spite of all time and effort spent on enhancing external […]

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Improve Spoken English of employees to ‘Jetfuel’ your company

By: Sherin D'Souza Posted On: 17/11/14

“As a part of a cost-cutting experiment all of our safety measures will be replaced with these good luck charms” – Thank goodness! At least not speaking fluently in English didn’t cost a life but will it affect the bottom line of the company? If your instant answer is not a “Yes”, think harder, dig […]

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Speak your way to a better personality

By: Aditti Kohli Posted On: 21/3/14

All of us are well aware that in today’s competitive world, we really need to make lasting impression in our social space to be able to succeed. How we make this impression is largely dependent on our language skills, and mainly, our English language skills which is why we have seen a rise in the […]

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