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Top reasons for professionals to improve communication skills

By: Ayesha Christina On: 4/3/14
Let’s face it; communication is the most common activity at the work place. Good communication skills are a must these days as professionals have to deal with either their customers or their co-workers. The quality of these dealings are enhanced or diminished by the professional’s ability to communicate effectively.

In would not be an exaggeration to say that good communication skills are at the heart of every good workplace.

Studies have shown that communication is the most common activity of management. Managers typically spend 60-80% of their time in operational communication. In large part is communication is their work – mainly face-to-face in meetings, or by telephone or email.

English is the language of business in India. Speaking English fluently is an important skill for doing well at the workplace.

Unfortunately, most managers are poor communicators. In a 2002 survey of 1,104 employees in organizations around the United States, 86% said their bosses thought they were good communicators, but only 17% said their bosses actually communicated effectively. If you have managed people, you will realize that it does not take a survey to tell us that a lot of our co-workers are not good communicators. Employees constantly talk about bosses not giving unclear or contradictory instructions and guidelines about work.

In India the problem gets aggravated because most employees have learnt English rather late in life. Not many of us have studied in ‘English medium’ schools.

Contrary to popular understanding it is possible to learn to communicate well in English at any stage of one’s life.

The benefits are many:

Customers understand you better. Good communication skills particularly in English will impress customers and pave the way to gaining their business.
To speak English fluently is considered a necessity for moving up in the organization. You get considered for more responsible roles. More responsibility means dealing with more important customers and a larger number of co-workers. Seniors always consider employees with good communication skills, particularly ones who are fluent in English language for promotions.

If you write and speak English fluently you gain the confidence to put across your point of view well. Look at any strong leader & you will find a person with strong communication skills. In business this means good English language skills.
Good English Language skills enhance your social network. Be it work–related or personal, good communicators have larger number of friends and work contacts. English is the most used language in social networks. Be it twitter or Face book you will find that people who write English well tend to get more popular.
Fortunately you can improve your communication skills just like any other skills. It is important to choose a good English Language school that does not believe in the traditional ‘instruction’ style of teaching. Inlingua New Delhi is one such option. Here you learn as you speak in the company of like-minded learners in a friendly & comfortable environment.

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15 thoughts on “Top reasons for professionals to improve communication skills

  1. rajeev verma says:

    I want to learn English .kindly confirm. m-880981118

  2. niraj shukla says:

    Want to improve communication

  3. Kamal says:

    I am a Working professional needs to improve my communication skills

  4. rimmi gupta says:

    No Pain No Gain, start improving english helped me a lot.

  5. jigar joshi says:

    Government schools in Delhi are teaching english to students only after 5th standard. That’s ridiculous

  6. Ragini Mallick says:

    join Inlingua for fluent english speaking in my work place.

  7. Sakshi pahuja says:

    I agreed with a mention in your blog sir to improve english we need a friendly as well as competitive environment which will not only improve our english also brings confidence.

  8. Ziya Saif says:

    Actually i want to take Admission in Inlingua but i couldn't decided it'll be better for me or its work.
    if anybody here who old student of inlingua so pls comment me on my gmail-

  9. deepika says:

    For business its important to have good communication skills to convince customers..thanks for sharing valuable information.

  10. Abhinav Gupta says:

    Good English skills helps in increasing social networks and brings over all development.
    I want to join inlingua please share course details.

  11. rajveer says:

    Good communication skills helps in enhancing your growth.
    And helps in increasing social networks and brings over all development.

  12. Karan says:

    Strong communication skill brings confidence and helps in developing over all growth.

  13. summit says:

    How can I improve my spoken english?

  14. Harpreet says:

    English is a common language.So if you want to stay long in any company you must have good communication skills.

  15. Arav says:

    Great tips, thanks for sharing. Yes agreed.

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