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English & Careers


The candidate must have a good knowledge of written and spoken English

Scan the recruitment advertisements on any job website and you will find that almost every recruiter seeks out candidates who are well versed in spoken and written English. If you are interested in doing well professionally, good knowledge of the English language is not a qualification you can ignore. Most of us are unaware of our level of proficiency in English.

While almost all of us have some knowledge of English, the question is to know if this knowledge is fit for the work place. Unfortunately, we find out only too late after we fail a job interview or get overlooked for a promotion. The inlingua test is a good way to find out. The test will help you define your learning requirement with accuracy and help you choose your learning path.

No matter how old, you can learn a new language

Its never too late to learn English or any language. You need the right environment, good methodology, a supportive instructor and of course, the willingness to learn. Inlingua has helped several working professionals do better in their career by helping them improve their standards of English

Technical and professional qualifications are not enough for a rewarding career

Your qualifications will get you at par with other workers, however, you need to work in teams and present your ideas well to excel. Promotions and better jobs go to people whose English communication skills are good, if not excellent.

It takes too much time and money

The benefits are far-reaching and permanent. Compared to the results, the costs are insignificant. The gain in earning potential is permanent; the boost in confidence as a result of communicating well is immense.

It builds your career and social life

Many of us are constrained in increasing our social circle owing to our poor English. Better knowledge of English not only helps you speak and write better, it also empowers you to listen and understand better. Its like opening up a new window in your life through newer ideas and friends.

To go abroad you need to pass tests

All tests like IELTS, GMAT and TOEFL required for studying or working abroad need the candidates to have a good command of written and spoken English. The standards abroad are high and if you are considering a future outside India, it is absolutely necessary to test and if necessary, enhance your English levels. At inlingua, we have helped several aspirants do better in their English proficiency tests. Call or drop in to find out how we could help you.

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