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By: Nancy Verma On: 22/2/16
‘One size fits all’.

Nowhere is this saying challenged more than at inligua. How can one English speaking course fulfill all the needs of all the students?

Some students speak some English, some are confident but make grammatical errors, some don’t speak any at all. Some are students, some are professionals, and some are fairly advanced who speak English Fluently but are further looking to improve their language skills for highly specialised professions, such as interpreters.

Just the other day, a young graduate from the Hindi speaking belt in the North walked into one of the centers. He had followed the footsteps of his college room-mate who could speak a little English but wanted to improve his skills and Speak English fluently. His friend had joined inlingua, and recommended it whole-heartedly to his friend.

In the beginning everyone is nervous.

When he walked in, he was looking around trying to figure out where he was. This young fellow was so nervous and tongue-tied that he could barely talk to the staff. The staff talked to him politely and soon they were able to figure out that he would have to start at the very basic level. Obviously.

That was actually quite good! Because now can begin the work at the most critical part: The foundation.

No one is ever rejected.

The poor guy was so skeptical at first. He had been thinking that his English speaking is so weak, he was sure to be rejected outright.

What a ridiculous notion!

He was welcomed with open arms, and explained in detail that he was not a unique case, there were many, many others like him. He needn’t worry at all, because he would be put in a class where EVERYONE was at the same level.

Man, was he relieved! He wouldn’t feel out of place, nobody would laugh at him. One could see his confidence growing as the minutes passed. He signed up there and then, and walked out of the centre with a spring in his step.


Different courses for Different Levels.

There are many different courses and levels to suit every individual’s needs. There has to be. It’s common sense. Different people have to be trained differently, depending upon their backgrounds, the issues they are facing currently, and the aims and goals they have in mind.

But rest assured, whatever your level, whatever your goals, whatever your ambitions, there is a course for you, the right course.

The course that will get you to Speak English Fluently

A course, just for you.

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  1. Priyanka Garg says:

    same like my story you nailed it nancy, I am very much agreed to the fact that the customization is the key to speak english fluently. see my command now over english ……………………….cheers.

  2. nirmal jalan says:

    Inlingua helped me also in finding out the right course for me I started and learning great….cheers

  3. rahul sharma says:

    How many students in one class.

  4. Nisha says:

    I am glad to hear such good comments on such a good institute, my basics are good, i can improve my English business skills through Inlingua, i am confident about this now.

  5. yes , i agree, customisation can only be achieved through well trained faculty that can be seen at a leading institute like yours.
    i make mistakes too in my English and i am improving after joining your institute.

  6. If one begins with basics and slowly starts practicing the same that i have done after learning from inlinguia, they can improve as the basics are covered so well.

  7. No knowledge of English, no way to climb up the ladder.

  8. Nishita says:

    Mujhe lagta hai customisation of basic English with Inlingua course can make someone start speaking English Fluently.

  9. Ravneet Kaur says:

    I am Glad i got an opportunity to learn from basics to reach an expertise level .
    Inlingua gives quality learning.

  10. Jiya Behl says:

    Inlingua provides different courses as per requirement of person and best part is they start teachings from basic level which is great.

  11. Ashima says:

    Yes its true customization can be achieved through well trained faculty and I have found in inlingua with quality learning.

  12. Abhinav Gupta says:

    At time of joining inlingua I was so scared as I didn’t know how to speak in good English but they helped a lot in learning.

  13. Karan says:

    Main reason to join inlingua was to improve grammatical errors in writing..and test helped me alot in learning.

  14. Mohit says:

    Hi, Nancy! great to here that Inlingua provides customize course.

  15. suresh says:

    One of my friend was rejected in an interview just because of poor communication skills.He was very depressed then I suggested him Inlingua.After 6-7 months of hard work, he got selected in one of the leading MNC.

  16. suresh singh says:

    thank you for these keys….I'm so desperate to learn English well, really…thanks again…

  17. Ankita Rajpal says:

    The best thing of Inlingua is they provide different courses for different levels.

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