IDP IELTS Test Dates Year 2017
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IDP IELTS : Test Dates 2017 – Download IELTS TEST/EXAM DATES_Updated

Find the following dates to take IDP IELTS test. These dates are applicable only for IELTS India.

You can enroll in inlingua New Delhi for ielts coaching in Delhi. We provide customized IELTS coaching according to your IELTS Exam/Test dates.

Drop into our nearest centre to know more about customized IELTS coaching.

Look below if IDP IELTS Test/Exam Dates are available in 2017.


IDP : IELTS Test Location – New Delhi Flat No. 516-520, 5th Floor, International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019 Tel: 91-011-44118888 Email: Web:

IELTS Test/Exam Fee by IDP:

by 30th September 2017: Rs.11,300

after 1st October 2017: Rs.11,300


IDP IELTS Test Date  2017

 A = Academic

G = General

IELTS Test Dates 2017



For all test dates from 01 April 2017 onwards – The fee for registration is INR 11,100 

**  Apart from IDP IELTS, British Council India also offers IELTS tests at 42 locations across India, details of which can be viewed on British Council India’s website.

*** The Forms, terms & Conditions and Information can be downloaded at the following location

Download IELTS Form, IELTS Candidate Information form here

If you have any question regarding IDP IELTS exam/test dates 2017/IELTS availability of exam dates, please fill the following form below and we shall contact you. Or leave your question in comments.

My Name is and Email is and you can call me on Any Remark

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16 thoughts on “IDP IELTS : Test Dates 2017 – Download IELTS TEST/EXAM DATES_Updated

  1. Rishul says:

    I was trying to check for idp ielts test dates 2016 on Also I wanted to know if I can give IDP IELTS Test 2016.

    But I could only find IDP IELTS Test Dates 2016 here. Can you please help me with ielts test fees/ielts exam fee in india?

    Also can I apply for IELTS on Thanks again for your help

  2. Ankita says:


    I was trying to check how I can apply for IDP IELTS. I also mailed to and checked for IDP IELTS exam dates on

    Yet I have not got any revert.

    Can you help me with this? Also I want to do IELTS Coaching from your institute? Can you help me with fees. I really want to score well in IELTS so can spend a bit but I need quality to clear my IDP IELTS exam 2016.

  3. Sharan says:

    I given ma xam on 14 july 2016 but my result didn't came yet. Some of ma frnd says dat 14th xam was leak out.. So xam may b conducted again……. Is this true???? M very confused plzz help me out 😔😔

  4. MAHADEV says:

    iamchooing to delhi yesdo ok mture sir

  5. Garry says:

    Hello I am a student of idp IELTS Australia Council I feel the exam date sheet on 14th July 2016 but my result is still not out it was declared that the result will be out on 27th of July 2016 on the same respectively they said that the result is postponed due to investigation purposes to 12th August 2016 but the irony is that the result is also not announced on the same respective day still I have a new update about when the results will be announced half of the students still on 14th July 2016 got the results on the same page as it was said it will be out that is 27th of July 2016 I am currently waiting so my result so I request if you are not giving result doctors is the cancellation process is going on please provided dates because we are not in a state puppy 11100 again and again if else is going to cancel the result of some students of 14th July 2016 Elsevier responsibilities either to refund there 11100 Earth to provide them date with the same please and charging no extra penny for that I belong to middle class family and and my parents are planning for my future studies in Australia since from my childhood and they are saving money for that and again and again taking 11100 from the same saving is an Uphill task for me and my parents hey request to please give the result as we all said and give a hundred percent on that day later on it was said that is gone into the investigations so I think I am doubting the service of ida place that the investigation is taking so much time am not going to set silent s my result will not be out on the respective day as I got update with the message that we will update you on the 26th of August 2016 if my result will not be out I am not going to consider anyone for this Council humbly prove it I am respecting your decisions on respecting your delay time and I am respecting your investigation excuses it's a humble request and I am respecting your arm again and again touching your feet to please give my result as it is hindering my January batch thank you I am still waiting for the results

  6. Junaid Ali says:

    plz tell me about IELTS course, duration and fees.

  7. vinshu says:

    even my result hasn't come out . it's going to be one month . I gave exam on 4 th aug . these people say they have no knowledge about when the results will be declared or even if they will be declared or not . In such situations they are entitled to refund our fees . and they have no value for our time .

  8. vinshu says:

    kindly look into the matter , people suffer due such hinderances . it's our hard earned money we are spending on our education

  9. Hi
    I booked test through idb
    My exams date is 10th os September in Dehli but still I don't know where my test center please tell me what shoul I do?

  10. Davinder Kochhar says:

    Need ielts preperation

  11. Harpinder says:

    HI, for IELTS Preparation call at : 9953734761

  12. nishu says:

    1have a doubt regarding fee structure

  13. Gurpreet ghotra says:

    Hello I want to check the availability of date on 19th of august

  14. Shall i become speaking tomarrow?

  15. Christina says:

    Pls tell me the general ielts fee for exam date 14 oct,2017